Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Andrews Freshers Week

Hello All!

I am all moved in and settled. I live in Andrew Melville Hall, which is about a 30 minute (max) walk from main campus. I could live farther away, so no complaints from me.
This week I have been on a Pub Crawl, been to a Bop at the Student Union, sat through many meetings at the Divinity school and SALTIRE. Its been a busy week!!
I get some down time tonight, and lots of sleep hopefully!

I love it here at St. Andrews! The town is so great, and Rachel and I realized that we have not even explored half of the whole town yet! Definitely on our to do list though.

Today I want to Saints Sports Wednesday and learned to hit a polo ball. They had a wooden horse that had a saddle on it, so I sat on the horse and the guy taught me the two types of swings! It was so cool! I can not wait to actually get on a horse! I am so animal deprived.

Also here at St. Andrews there are BUNNIES! That is right BUNNIES! The campus out my way is littered with rabbit dens, and at dusk/night they come out. I see at least one hundred bunnies everyday walking back and forth to town and such,

Well anyways. I am ready for classes. I am matriculated, so I am taking three classes. That is a full load here. They are all three Divinity classes. I am very eager to start learning!
Anyways more later. I hope all is well. I miss you all!
<3 C

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