Monday, October 11, 2010

Highlands Weekend

Hello All,
This weekend I spent all my time in the Highlands of Scotland. Saturday I went up to Loch Ness on a bus tour. It was gorgeous, and lots of fun. The tour guide was loud and funny. He talked to us the whole time, but he knew his history.
Here are a few pictures from that day:

Then yesterday I went to the Highlands again, but went on a whiskey tour of the oldest whiskey plant in to Scotland. That was a lot of fun.  It was a shorter tour, which I was thankful for. I was tired and ready to go to sleep! Here are some more pictures from that day!

Hope you enjoy these picures!!!
I miss you all!
<3 C

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So many things have happened!

Hello All,

Since the last time I posted I have been clay pigeon shooting, to my first polo lesson, and to Edinburgh, Scotland.
Clay Pigeon was a lot of fin. I was the only girl other the captain for the women that had experience with a shotgun.
Polo was amazing. I learned how to wing the mallet and then I also got on a polo pony and hit the ball from a walk. The polo pony's name was Rhino. I can not wait to go back this week!
Edinburgh was a beautiful city. Rachel and I walked the whole thing. I stayed in a hostel for the first time. That was fun, but of course me being me I slept like a train through people coming in and out of the room.
Below are pictures of Edinburgh.
I hope all is well with everyone in the States. I miss you all!
<3 C