Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day #2 in London.

Hello All!
Today we got up, and I throughly resisted the whole way through waking up. But I got up anyways.
We had breakfast. There was blood pudding there, and I am so sorry; I did not partake. Looking at it was good enough for me!
We then went out and got tickets for a play, and then got phones! So I have an official British phone. I have yet to figure out what my phone number is, or how that works here.
The play we saw was "Love Never Dies" by St. Andrew Lloyd Weber. It is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. It was so good, and of course it made me cry.
We saw St. Paul's Cathedral. It was gorgeous!
Now we are back in the room. I am going to go scavenge for some food.
Tomorrow we get on the Chunnel to Paris! I know no French, and I find now that I think in a British accent. This WILL be interesting.
Hope all is well back in the States. I miss you all terribly!
More pictures soon!


  1. Hi Catherine! We talked to Dr. H today just to check in. He was trying to sort out how to post on your blog and sent us the we can tell him! Hope you guys are having a great trip. All going well on this end, but I imagine that you're having lots more fun! Love to you both.
    Tracy & Lloyd

  2. Catherine...we're learning to post!

  3. Went to lake today.Weather great. Had supper of rice and hamberger cantelope, cottage cheese with bananas and blue berries.


  4. I am having trouble posting.

    Lee James

  5. But apparently now I have figured it out!!

    It was way too complicated for someone whose only computer savy counterpart is it Europe!!!!

  6. Obviously the only speller in the house has gone to Europe also!!!!
    Love the pictures, Greece, Egypt and various other countries are looking for some artifacts that I believe I saw in your pictures. While in London, could you please negotiate the return of said items. Remember running the Pentagon from NC is just one of the many talents that The Regent possesses, I am sure between the two of you that you could persuade the musuem to let a few pieces of go!!
    Best to both of you,
    President, Owner and Member at Large (or is that a large member?)
    Windy Hill Lane Country Club

  7. So...I finally found this :-)!! I thought the Member at Large said scotty@venture...hahahah..
    Looks like there is way more to do and see than sleep. You can catch up with that later! Hope those boots (cowboy) were made for all that walkin'! LOVE the pictures!

    BOD #3!